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since 1976

Issue 436 (May)

Advertising and listings: 10 April

Editorial copy: 15 April

Sale date: 27 April


Issue 437 (June)

Advertising and listings: 15 May

Editorial copy: 20 May

Sale date: 1 June


Issue 438 (July & August)

Advertising and listings: 12 June

Editorial copy: 17 June

Sale date: 29 June


Issue 439 (September)

Advertising and listings: 14 August

Editorial copy: 18 August

Sale date: 31 August


Issue 440 (October)

Advertising and listings: 11 September

Editorial copy: 16 September

Sale date: 28 September


Issue 441 (November)

Advertising and listings: 9 October

Editorial copy: 14 October

Sale date: 26 October


Issue 442 (December & January)

Advertising and listings: 13 November

Editorial copy: 18 November

Sale date: 30 November









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