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The C&B News is written for the community by the community, which means we want you to write for us. We welcome contributions from anyone who lives in the area, and for people who live further afield who are writing about the area.


How to Get Involved


1. Send your finished articles and photographs to James via editor@candbnews.com. The copy deadlines for each issue are on the schedule page.


2. I will reply to thank you for your submission and to ask for any clarifications or edits that I think will help readers enjoy your story. This will usually happen during the week following each copy deadline.


3. It is then my job to lay out the paper using the submitted stories. I will occasionally have to cut down or exclude stories at this stage as we have limited space. Please don’t find it discouraging if this happens to you — it is not a reflection on the quality of your submission, but on striking a balance of different places and types of article in each edition.


Technical Requirements


My preferred format for text submissions is through attached Word documents. .rtf and .txt are also fine, or you can just paste your text directly into the body of the email. PDFs are a pain to work with, so please don’t send them if you have an option. I do not accept text sent in image formats, e.g. event posters, at all.


The preferred format for photo submissions is high-resolution .tif. .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png and .heic are also fine. Please do not embed images in Word documents - it's a pain to remove them again, and they lose significant quality in the process.


Please remember to provide captions listing any people depicted in the photograph and the name of the photographer so we can credit them.

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